Terms and Conditions


- In case of purchase of an online ticket, it will be delivered directly to the email box (at the email address specified at the time of reservation), immediately after the payment is confirmed. You can even print your electronic entry ticket to the show.

- Tickets can be exchanged or returned only in exceptional cases, ie postponement or cancellation of the show. Failure to show on time, at the show, does not entitle you to refund the ticket or to use it for a later performance.

- In case of return of the ticket, the reimbursement of the ticket is made on the basis of a written request addressed to the management of the institution, which will decide whether the request is justified, based on the reasons invoked. Upon request, a copy of the applicant's ID and ticket will be attached.

- Applications will be submitted to the Ticket Agency of the Romanian Opera Craiova or will be sent to the e-mail address agentiadebilete@operacraiova.ro. If the application is accepted, ORC will return within 14 days the value of the purchased tickets or, with the consent of the person, will offer tickets of the same value to another show.

- Tickets sold by cash or bank card can be returned within 48 hours prior to the date on the ticket (date of performance representation). When buying a bank card, the amount to be transferred will be only the equivalent of the ticket. Charges and fees, regardless of their nature, will not be refunded.


- Reimbursement will be made using the same payment method as the one used for the initial transaction and no commissions will be charged.

- Romanian Opera Craiova can not be charged for entering the event with fake tickets;
- The Romanian Craiova Opera has the right to modify the dates of the event, the new information being announced by specific means of communication;

- this ticket can not be awarded as a prize in any contest without the prior agreement of the institution;

- Romanian Opera Craiova is not responsible for any damage caused by third parties to any ticket holder purchased through tickets.operacraiova.ro;





  ORGANIZED - over 10 people





Opera performances, operetta, dance

40 lei

30 lei

20 lei

10 lei


Musical performances for children

20 lei – adult

10 lei - child





Note: Tickets purchased at a reduced price (children, organized groups, retirees, students) can only be purchased from the Ticket Agency of the Romanian Opera Craiova.


- Performances start at the time specified on the ticket, so viewers are asked to reach the venue at least 15 minutes before the show.

- Public audience access is no longer allowed after the start of the show. From respect for all the participants, the entry to the Romanian Opera Craiova shows after the start of the announcement on the ticket is allowed only at the first pause.

- Romanian Opera Craiova reserves the right to require the spectators to leave the showroom, which disturbs the performance of the performance by any means.

- It is forbidden to eat or drink in the showroom. They can be eaten only in the specially arranged places, in the foyer, during the breaks of the performances.

- Consuming drugs or other illegal substances at the location where the event is taking place constitutes a crime and will be punished according to the legal provisions in force;

- Viewers must stop the operation of mobile phones or set their silent mode before the start of the show.

- Spectators are not allowed to use mobile phones or other electronic devices during the show, as the light emitted by their screens diverts the attention of other viewers or artists.

- It is forbidden to shoot or record audio-video at shows (including using mobile phones).

Children's access

In order to ensure the comfort of both viewers and artists in the showroom, children under the age of 6 years are not allowed except for those dedicated to them. During the show, children will not be held by others, but a separate ticket will be purchased.

Purchasing your ticket implies that you agree to the terms and conditions displayed on the www.operacraiova.ro website, terms and conditions that you will be bound to observe.